Advisory Council

The NAN Project Advisory Council works closely with Eliot’s Senior Vice President, Ellen Dalton to develop and improve the efficacy and impact of the Project.

The Advisory Council is comprised of community stakeholders and experts in the field to help guide the Project and review strategic plans and outcome data to ensure quality and fidelity to the model.

Advisory Council:

  • Deborah Garfield, LICSW
  • Donna Kausek, LMHC
  • Melinda Mathews, VP Clinical Services - Eliot
  • Kristen Sault, LICSW
  • Alicia Spradlin, LICSW
  • Keith Wales, LICSW
  • David O'Leary, AFSP Board Chair & Magic 106.7 Radio Host
  • Donna Coan, RN
  • Jacob Mathew, MD
  • Cahn Vu, MD
  • Jen Hart

If you need help and want to talk to someone, call:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

For the Crisis Text Line, text "Listen" to 741-741

For the Samaritans, Call or Text (877)870-4673

For immediate crisis evaluation call the Emergency Services Program / Mobile Crisis Intervention at 1-877-382-1609 & enter your zip code; you will get the phone number of the closest ESP/MCI that serves you.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911