Traevon’s Story

Ever since he began working with us in 2019, Traevon has been an irreplaceable member of The NAN Project team with his positivity and insight. Traevon sat down with our Peer Coordinator Manny to talk mental health, covid, and gratitude during Minority Mental Health Month.

How has the pandemic affected your mental health?

Traevon: The pandemic gave me a strong sense of anxiety I never felt before. Seeing empty shelves at the grocery store, high unemployment rates and how the media spoke about COVID-19 added a lot of anxiety at first. I remember when it first happened, I got unemployed and my heart was racing. I had to make sure I was set for me and my family.

What was something helpful someone did  during this time?

Traevon: What helped me was sharing my story with the Nan Project and how this has all affected us and how we can build on each other’s struggles to build on our own personal journeys. Something that helped you could help me and vice versa. Since everything was locked down, we were doing online presentations for the first time. During one of these presentations someone asked me a question about what I did for mindfulness and I was able to share this with her through my story. This touched me because what I went through in high school, so many kids are going through the same thing.

What’s a unique strength you possess that has helped you during this time?

Traevon: My faith in God and my mindset has really helped me during the pandemic. My mindset is not that I am 100% positive all the time but I am very optimistic. I try to find a solution in the midst of the problems by focusing on gratitude, what I can control in the situation, and my trust in God. These things have helped me thrive during the pandemic.

What’s one incredible thing you are doing right now that you would like people to know about?

Traevon: Now, I work for VINFEN, a human services organization supporting people who struggle with mental health and I myself struggle with mental health. I used to be a part of those groups and now I am running them. I am also aspiring to be a public speaker and I even have my own podcast. I post some cool things regularly on my social media and am looking forward to incorporating my work into everything I do.

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