13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Suicide

13 Reasons Why opened a door and gave us the opportunity...

The NAN Project produced 13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Suicide to inform viewers about the true risk factors that increase the chances someone may consider suicide, provide information on the supports available, and empower our audience with the tools to reach out to a loved one in crisis. We hope you find the video enlightening and useful. Remember, There is Hope and There is Help!

13 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Suicide

Below we have links to the 13 vignettes so that they may be watched individually. We are working on discussion guides to use in the classrooms and will have them ready by the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Anxiety as a Risk Factor

Self-harm as a Risk Factor

Bullying as a Risk Factor

Diversity as a Risk Factor

Stigma as a Risk Factor 

Sexual Assault as a Risk Factor

Depression as a Risk Factor

Drugs & Alcohol as a Risk Factor

Transgender Challenges as a Risk Factor

LGB Issues as a Risk Factor

Myths & Truths About Suicide

Coping Strategies


What to Do if You're Concerned

Thank you to all our amazing supporters who helped make this happen...